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As an up and coming entrepreneurial cannabis grower, or as someone who has made the decision to pursue a future in the cannabis growing industry, you are likely looking for answers.

Every day new growers are joining the industry, mergers are announced and new methodologies and processes appear. It’s becoming more difficult for cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs to not only follow the latest developments, but to determine which path to choose that is best for their specific and unique operations.

The question is: Who can you trust?

The cannabis industry is experiencing astronomical growth and ever increasing attention. Every day a new “expert” appears, saying that their way is the best way to ensure you increase production, make profit and be successful.


We are a new company, but we are staffed by some of the most experienced, mature and long time suppliers in the horticultural industry. Because at the end of the day, cannabis is a plant, and when you want honest and tried-and-true advice about growing, we think you should turn to the people who have been growing plants for their entire careers.

That’s us. That’s CaNavis.

An experienced group of horticultural and greenhouse experts who have worked in this business for years, even generations.

We began our business because we saw the immense opportunity to become part of a new generation of growers. We are staying because we want to provide growers with the best and most efficient and productive advice, products and methodologies that exist. We want to see our customers become successful and profitable.

With CaNavis International you have our word that we will provide you with the best and most honest information that we can offer. And we back that information with over 40 years of hands-on experience in the horticultural industry. We understand the business of growing, and we have taken it upon ourselves to now apply those long time learnings to the cannabis industry.

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If you are just starting on your journey, we can help guide your way.

The right way.

Backed by expertise. Backed by long term significant partnerships with some of the best and most innovative product suppliers in the industry.

Contact or call us today to get moving in the right direction for your cannabis business.

We are the project management company of choice for some of North America's largest growers.

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