Bench Systems

Another important aspect of your cannabis operation is your benching system.

At CaNavis International, we approach your benching plan in terms of your overall plan, and also your future expectations of growth and profitability.

Each growing operation has a footprint, be it a greenhouse or other facility, and benching is one of the main ways a cannabis business owner can maximize every square meter of growing space to profit.

rolling benches

Experts at CaNavis have found that the installation of rolling benches can increase your growing space by 60 percent, and can pay for themselves in a year.

CaNavis will take a close look at your operation and, by ensuring exact measurements, and your need to have space for other functional areas in your operation, we will provide you with a drawing done by our engineers that show the maximum amount of bench space that can be fit into your facility.

We take into consideration your budget, but also with an eye on your future profitability, we recommend the benching solution that will help you reach your goals.

More often than not, we recommend the use of rolling benches. Created and engineered in Europe, where space is of a premium and indoor horticulture found its roots, rolling benches ensure you have the maximum growing space, and also ensure ease of access, a better work and process flow, less reliance on labor and the potential for future automation.

Cannabis plants grow under artificial lights

Our benching providers have excellent reputations and are of high quality, and are backed by decades of engineering and refinement in the horticulture industry.

We are proud of our bench offerings, because when you think about it, benches are the structures that your very valuable and profitable crop sit upon.

Why risk that?

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