HVAC Systems

The right growing temperature, humidity, heating and cooling all play a major role in keeping an indoor cannabis crop consistently healthy and vibrant.

With CaNavis International’s extensive experience in the horticulture industry, as well as relationships with long time suppliers to growers and producers in the horticulture industry, we fell we can provide you with the best advice and equipment for your unique growing operation.


HVAC requirements can change significantly based on your organization’s location, the type of structure you are growing in, and the requirements of your plant crop. Our experts will examine your unique growing situation and make specific equipment and set up suggestions that will help ensure your profitability and success.

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Whether it be heating, cooling, moisture control and all the controls associated with these functions, CaNavis selects the proper equipment to ensure the right environment in your operation.

All of these environmental functions can be programmed into a fully automated system.

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