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Light Deprivation and Blackout Curtain Systems

Controlling the light in your cannabis growing operation is extremely important to ensure maximum productivity, the greatest yields and the highest quality product.

CaNavis International only works with the most experienced and reputable companies in the light deprivation and curtain system industry. Because each cannabis operation is different and unique, the team at CaNavis will provide you with a fully customized, unique curtain system that will provide the highest levels of blackout possible for your operation. Our suppliers have provided systems that create a 99.9% blackout situation.

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The light deprivation companies that CaNavis engages with have garnered their experience by working in the horticultural industry for decades. They have now taken that expertise and applied it to the cannabis industry.

When you purchase a light deprivation, blackout and shade curtain system from CaNavis, we stand behind it in terms of quality, durability and effectiveness.

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