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Project Management

Building an efficient and profitable indoor horticultural business, such as a cannabis operation, requires insight and knowledge.

It is crucial that the operation be built in the proper way, with the right materials arriving at the right time, to ensure maximum efficiency and fewer budgetary surprises. At CaNavis, we will take over the heavy lifting for you in the build of your operation, so that you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

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When you engage with CaNavis, we will present you with a project management plan, based on your timelines and requirements.

Growth Plan

More importantly, we will make sure that the major elements of your operation, including your structures, lighting, benching, processing equipment and more arrive at the right time to be installed in your operation.

Greenhouse Install

We are happy to work with your installation teams and provide expertise, guidance, problem solving and support, and we can also organize installation ourselves, if that is your preference. However you want to work your project, we can comply, and offer advice and best practices are that are based on the plethora of horticultural operations we have worked on in the past.