Structures and Greenhouses

Another major aspect of running a successful growing operation is determining what type of structure to grow in. You may find that you are dealing with a lot of options and variables, and then trying to determine which works best, while meeting your production expectations and budget guidelines.

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If you are starting with a clean slate – meaning an available piece of land with no current structure – CaNavis can advise you on what type of greenhouse structure will work best for your needs, your geographical area and your production expectations. We then work with our long term greenhouse partners to ensure that you end up with the specific structure that works for your organization.

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If you have a current property with a structure on it, or are already growing in a facility, the CaNavis team will advise on what work may need to be done to the structure to ensure maximum efficiency, the cost of doing such upgrades and our honest, experienced opinion on whether we feel the structure is going to work for you in the short or long term, given your expectations and business goals.

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CaNavis wants to ensure you receive the value for your money, while taking into account the different and specific requirements of each business.

We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions, we offer the solution that is tailor made for your organization.

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